We are inspired by da Vinci’s “Vitruvian Man” to see how everything is connected to everything else. Emulating this philosophy, our experts actively avoid fragmented specialization and instead seek a balance of the key Data & Analytics players in one role. This connectedness allows us to deliver efficient, comprehensive, technology-driven business solutions.



Focuses on predictive, quality models, but can get lost in “perfect.”

> Project Delays

“Data Analyst”

Notices patterns in the data, and can ask “why,” but might make conclusions beyond the data.

> Inaccurate Insights

“Data Engineer”

Manages the data itself, but often lacks product vision.

> Product churn

“Product Person”

Is the bullhorn for building product awareness, but tends to misrepresent the deliverables.

> Discconnect from Details

“Data Algorithm”

Critical for advanced, customized AI solutions, but difficult to find and expensive.

> Speaks a Different Language

Why is our model better?

| Cost efficient:

multiple skills in one expert means less experts

| Clear Translation:

one expert mediates different viewpoints to align teams

| Faster results:

one North Star focused expert eliminates project clutter to create fast-moving, productive teams with a clear roadmap

| Pass the torch:

cohesive knowledge transfer and training across teams at project end

By driving a coordinated, structured approach to data analytics solutions, we consistently achieve results that provide measurable value across industries – from MarTech to HealthTech to FinTech and everything in between.

Our Approach

At the core of our approach to analytics lies an unrelenting commitment to fully assess your current data analytics landscape, business goals and vision, and emerging pain points to provide targeted, pain-free solutions that solve your problems and get you to your vision faster.

The Advantage

Faster, more pertinent insights form a core competitive differentiator that have accelerated revenue and market share growth, profit margins and overall profitability for our clients.

Why Not?

Just like asking a doctor for a remedy without a physical exam, launching an unsystematic data analytics effort will result in misguided treatment, frustration and wasted time and money.

Tactical Architecture Assessments

The early stages of analytics maturity can be a source of frustation, fear and confusion. We eliminate these roadblocks by identifying and resolving issues around:

Speed How long does it take technology, developers and products to get the job done? Propose concrete tactical changes that will decrease time to insights and speed business growth.

Compliance How do you know if the data you collect and store is in complaince with the most up to date privacy laws? Determine liability risks and outline a mitigation plan.

Cost Do you know where to invest valuable resources in your data analytics strategy? Prioritize resource allocation based on mission critical expenses now as they relate to long-term business goals.

Strategic Analytics Assessments

With an optimal core data architecture foundation in place and primed for growth, we focus on providing solid strategies to advance further into the data analytics maturity life-cycle.

More complex insights generated in less time translates directly into a competitive advantage and transitions into an advanced data analytics effort that generates revenue on its own.

Comprehensive Healing, Repair and After Care

Enough planning- time to take action!

With a complete diagnosis and treatment plan in place, we begin by stabilizing systems and processes most urgently in need.

Moving forward, we focus on implementing broader, long-term plans which eliminate dysfunctional manual processes, encourage more complex automation and dramatically accelerate growth.

Strategic Advisory Services

Rely on us as strategic advisors to help your data and analytics strategies stay on course as you navigate toward your business vision.

We tailor our services to your needs – whether it’s a one-time question, or monthly retainer service.

Greenfield Product Buildouts

Sometimes the existing analytics framework is not sufficient for the projected goals and it’s necessary to launch an entire product from the ground up.

We have solid experience building end-to-end analytics products from scratch and under tight deadlines. 

With over 20 years of experience in the data analytics space,



data analytics projects



in time-to-insights


average ROI of

analytics projects

we have the expertise to help you leverage the power of your data, without the frustration.

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