At Syncresia, we are dedicated to providing comprehensive, holistic data and analytics solutions that bridge the gap between data strategy, product vision and domain knowledge.

With over 20 years invested in the data analytics space and broad experience across multiple sectors, including CPG, MarTech, FinTech and Media, we take on your projects with an unprecedented depth and breadth of knowledge in the full lifecycle of data analytics maturity.

Our team has a solid track record of deliverables which have impacted billions of dollars in electronic trading and reallocated marketing dollars for Fortune 100 companies and boasts a portfolio of over 90 successful data and analytics tech products.


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We maintain a diverse network of experts with deep technical skills and extensive industry knowledge.

Proprietary Analytics & Insights Talent Network includes over 1,500 international experts in all fields of data, insights, analytics and technology:
Data Engineering Pipeline Big Data Scaling
Data Integration Data Harmonization
Machine Learning / AI Cloud Data Warehouse
Analytics Pipeline KPI & Scorecard Development
Extensive domain knowledge and IP across a broad range of industries:
AdTech Logistics
MarTech Retail
CPG FinTech
HealthTech Marketing Mix




We believe no two projects are alike – and neither are the teams working on them. We assemble hyper-focused teams targeted to meet the unique requirements of each client project we take on.



By taking the time to carefully match talent to project specific needs, we create highly efficient value-driven teams that eliminate traditional project delays and frustrations.


Because we don’t throw the same generic resources at every problem, our solutions readily scale with the demands of the project, whether in location, technology or expertise.

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